2013/14 Bargaining Update

Today, 8/21/2013, Your CSEA Bargaining Team met with the District Team for our  5th session.

We had a full day of Negotiations and received the Districts  latest response to our 3rd Proposal.

CSEA also responded to the Districts first Proposal and some progress was made.

Additionally, this week the  CSEA Team has received and is evaluating the economic information we requested and the District has provided.

We will submit to the District a proposal based on those findings,  at a future meeting.

Currently, we have set another half day of negotiations to take place on 8/28/2013.

Thank you  For your continued support and we will keep you posted of developments.

Your CSEA Bargaining Team

Allyson Holt, Cheryl Townsend, Job Suarez, Nancy Williams, Chris Lawyer and Mara Otero LRR