Negotiations Update for 10/10/2013


On October 10, 2013 your CSEA bargaining team met with the District to see if a deal could be agreed to.

With the needs of our unit members in mind, and ready to sign a Tenative Agreement,  your  CSEA team approached  the District to set an earlier meeting than the 15th.

At the meeting on the 10th  the District came to the table with a proposal that had not changed from the previous meetings.

In an effort to reach an agreement the CSEA Team proposed a deal that offers the District three furlough days for all Classified.
This provides the  additional savings the District is seeking, on top of  the savings the District will realize from the layoffs and the delay in filling open positions.

CSEA has proposed the condition, for the furlough days that the District desires, that Classified have no further layoffs for 2013/14 and none for 2014/15.

Currently for 13/14 there were 63 Classified layoffs authorized by the Board.

Plus an additional 25 Classified  were displaced (bumped)  from their positions , for a total of 88 Classified employees affected by this action.

On Thursday, the District  indicated that they needed time to respond to the CSEA proposal, the  parties will meet again on  on October 15th.

As of this date there has been no agreement on furlough days.

If an agreement can be reached on Tuesday the 15th and if the agreement is ratified by the membership, then any days agreed to can be taken over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

There is a Chapter meeting at 5:15 on Monday 10/14/2013  at the ESC.

We hope to see you at the meeting.

Thank You for your continued support

Allyson Holt, Cheryl Townsend, Nancy Williams, Job Suarez, Chris Lawyer and Mara Otero LRR