Negotiations Update : Tenative Agreement

Negotiaions Update 10/15/2013

After 10 negotiations sessions, the CSEA Team and the District reached a Tenative Agreement on October 15.

The CSEA field office now needs to review the agreement.  After this is done, the ratification meeting notice will be posted for our members to vote.

The CSEA team has agreed to 3 furlough days for all members during Thanksgiving week, plus 12 month employees will take an addtional 1/2 day as a floating furlough day.  All contract changes will be available in writing at the ratification meeting.  Negotiation team members will be available at the meeting for any questions.

Your negotiations team appreciates your support during this process, and we look forward to discussing the changes with our Chapter members.

Allyson Holt, Nancy Williams, Cheryl Townsend, Job Suarez, Chris Lawyer and Mara Otero, LRR