Contract Ratifies

The Ratification  meeting was held today 10/28/2013 at the District office.

A steady flow of CSEA members came and voted through out the day and we were encouraged and thankful for all the  warm support members expressed to the team.

We appreciate all the members who came out to vote .

Despite  hectic schedules and rain  making it difficult to attend , we had an excellent turn out.

The contract ratified with 99% of the vote.

We anticipate the new fully integrated contract to be available some time soon… Hopefully before the Winter break.

A special thanks to our Tellers who came before and after their work shifts to help certify our vote

Daisy Bennett, Robert Moreno, John Terby, Linda Sandoval

Thank You again for your continued support

Allyson Holt, Cheryl Townsend, Nancy Williams, Job Suarez, Chris Lawyer and Mara Otero LRR.