Elementary Schools on Monday November 18th

 November 13, 2013

  Dear Classified Employees:

 CSEA has learned that there is some confusion about the non-student day at Elementary Schools on Monday November 18th. Some Special Ed Aides and Instructional Aides have been told that they do not work that day but have to submit a Time Exemption Card for a personal or vacation day.

 This is not correct.

 November 18th is a regular work day for all classified employees. You are entitled to work your regular shift times. Trainings can be offered at different shift times which you can flex your hours to attend if you choose.

 Contract Section 17.10- “Teacher/parent conference day, in-service days, or other such specifically designated service day that occur within the regular work year of unit members are considered regular workdays for those unit members.”

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If you submitted a time exemption card and would like to work that day please talk to your supervisor. If you have any problems please contact:

Allyson Holt
Chapter President
(714) 366-0729

Chris Lawyer
2nd Vice President
(714) 615-0896 

Mara Otero
CSEA Labor Rep.
(714) 532-7129