Cancellation: Update In Your Health Matters Tab

From: Martha Suarez <> Date: February 28, 2014 at 11:27:47 AM PST To: All-Users <> Subject: {All-Users} Cancellation of Biometric Screenings

To:                   All Employees

From:              Health Benefit Committee

Date:               February 28, 2014

Subject:          Cancellation of Biometric Screenings

Our district Benefit Committee is sorry to inform you that the biometric screening appointments scheduled to begin next week have been cancelled. The committee has reached this decision due to concerns related to the confidentiality of employee health information.

The final documentation provided by the contractor to the district on 2/27/14 did not provide for sufficient safeguards to guarantee the confidentiality of employee information which has always been of primary importance. Throughout the process it was our understanding that health information would only be shared between the health provider and the employee and that no information would be provided to any third party.  However, information received on Wednesday did not provide the necessary assurances for us to move forward with this program.


The committee immediately met to review this information and reached this decision to cancel all scheduled health screenings at this time. As a committee, we work together to provide the highest quality benefits and wellness environment for our employees. We are committed to serving our employees and to protecting their interests in every way. The committee will reconvene in March to reexamine this issue and to work towards providing wellness incentives.  Improving the wellness of the district will continue to be a major focus of the committee.


As always we will keep you posted, again we apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.



PYLUSD Health Benefits Committee