Official Notification For Membership Vote

Your CSEA negotiation team is pleased to post and announce that an agreement has been reached in the Re-classification claim of the Computer Instructional Specialists.

Attached to this article please find the M.O.U.’s for the Computer Instructional Specialist and the Bi-lingual Computer Instructional Specialist Classifications.
In addition to the updated job descriptions there is a range change that go with updated duties.

There will be a vote taken at the April 13th Chapter meeting and all members in good standing may vote.
This will be a Yes or No vote.

The Chapter meeting will be held at the PDA (formerly ESC) 4999 Casa Loma dr, Yorba Linda on April 13 th at 5:15 pm.

Additionally, there will be an American Fidelity Representative to give a demonstration of the Open Enrollment Program and to answer questions about benefits.