Removal Of MOU from consideration

The MOU for the Reclassification of Aide II to Aide II Specialized Health care Has been pulled from the agenda / Consideration as there is an error and needs to be addressed before it can be submitted .
Form time to time there are errors, and we will try to address them before we resubmit this to the membership.
Thank You for your support and understanding.
Allyson Holt
CSEA Chapter President,

MOU’S for ratification August 26 th 2015

Over the summer the CSEA Negotiations team has been hard at work and we are pleased to bring several MOU’S to the memberships attention for ratification.
There are several New Job descriptions that we are presenting to be voted upon on 8/26/ 2015 in the Ed. Services Conference room at 1301 Orangethorpe Blvd, ( DEC), between the hours of 12:00- 3:00.
If you are available , please stop by and cast your vote. We are hopeful that these jobs will be posted with in the next few weeks.
Please click on the links following to read the Memorandums of Understanding.
Thank You
Allyson Holt
Chapter President,

Signed MOU_Bilingual Preschool Community Liaison

Signed MOU_Bilingual Preschool Educator

Signed MOU_Bilingual Preschool Paraeducator(1)

Signed MOU_Bilingual Preschool Paraeducator

Signed MOU_College and Career Technician

Signed MOU_ELMT Hour Increase

Signed MOU_Nutrition Services Program Technical Coordinator

Signed MOU_Nutrition Services Program Technical Coordinator-Bilingual