Chapter Nominations

At the October 10th  Chapter meeting the first round of nominations for the Chapter executive board took place.

Every two years nominations are accepted for executive board positions, during the Chapter meetings in October and November.

Each office has a two year term.

A member need only be nominated once, in either of the October/ November meetings.

All nominations must be made and seconded.

If position is unchallenged then it is automatically appointed at the December Chapter meeting.

If there are two or more running for an office a vote is held at the December Chapter meeting.

If no one is nominated then position is open.

The following are the current Nominees for office:

Chapter President:

Allyson Holt

Job Suarez

1st Vice President

Chris Lawyer

2nd VP

Daisy Bennett

Chief Job Steward:

No nominee


Cheryl Townsend


Eliana Padilla


No nominee

Site RepCoordinator:

Evelyn Earll

Nominations open again during the November 14th Chapter meeting at the District Board Room at 5:15pm

There will be an election at the December 12 th,  Chapter meeting