Chapter selects Food Service Series for reclassification consideration

Every year the Chapter may select and bring forward a classification or series to be examined for consideration of reclassification.

The Contract allows members to request that their Classification to be studied for consideration.

All requests need to be into the Chapter prior to the 10/31 deadline .

Ideally submissions should be received by the President, or Chapter representative before the first week in October so the Negotiations team can look over the submissions and discuss their merits, and the ability for the Chapter to obtain the desired result.

Reclassification is a long process and cannot be guaranteed.

Areas that are looked at are discrepancies in job descriptions,  current duties, looking to see if duties cross into another classification, outdated technology and outmoded terms, and of course if the compensation is appropriate for the duties expected.

The Chapter Negotiations team reviewed several requests, and selected the Food Services series to be studied.

Thank You

your Chapter Negotiations team,

Allyson Holt, Chris Lawyer, Cheryl Townsend, Daisy Bennett and Job Suarez.