Past President’s Message

It’s the start of a new year and there are many changes coming our way in California, and the world.  There are changes everywhere, even at our Chapter level.

As I write this I am thinking back on to 10 years of service with CSEA and our Chapter, when then Chapter President Ray Tschudy asked me to be his Vice President, that was the start of an adventure I would not have missed for the world.

Over 10 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of my fellow Classified employees that I otherwise would not have met. Forming lasting friendships through the mutual desire to help and protect classified employees not only here at home in Placentia Yorba Linda USD but across the state.

I have taken advantage of hundreds of hours of training that the state Association offered and I applied what I learned to improving employee conditions. I have served at the state level in various capacities for the past 10 years as well, as a Regional Political Action Coordinator, speaker and lobbyist, and currently as a trainer for new Chapter officers, educating them on policy and procedure.

I have worked diligently to change the attitude that management had traditionally displayed towards Classified and to change the dialog between us.

I have worked hard to not only maintain, but assert the rights that classified employees have, through negotiation, education and collaboration.

That journey has at times been slow and contentious, but somehow, we managed to make it through to the other side.

Together with the executive board, we have established a relationship between the Chapter and the District that has evolved into one where we can come to the table and look for solutions rather than try and block the “other side”.

On January 1st Job Suarez  will become the Chapter President, and I will assume my new roll on the executive board as the Past President.

I will continue to serve the Chapter as I have done for the past decade on Negotiations, Health & welfare committees, as well as other capacities.  As a jacketed Union Steward, I am still here if someone needs help.

I will continue to serve at the state level as one of the member trainers for new Chapter Presidents, educating them on Policy.

I look forward to this new adventure and I look forward to continuing to forge an attitude of mutual respect between classified and management to the benefit of our unit, our district and of course the children whom we all serve.

Thank You for your support,

Allyson Holt

Placentia Yorba Linda, Chapter 293

Past President