Pre-retirement Seminar Cancelled

For Immediate Distribution to all CSEA Members in Area H

An e-blast that was sent out to Area H members on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 was sent in error.  The CSEA sponsored Pre-retirement Seminar scheduled for….



200 Kalmus Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Room D1001 2-3


The seminar webpage at the CSEA website and our seminar RSVP hotline recording have been updated to reflect this cancellation.

We are working to secure a new date and location for the spring pre-retirement seminar and regret any confusion this change has caused.

Know Your Rights Seminar

Attention All PYLUSD Classified Employees

(Part time and Full time workers)

Join us for a free CSEA

  “Know Your Rights Seminar”

All departments welcome including Child Care, Food Services, Special Ed Aides, Clerical, Custodial, Security, Transportation


What you should know more about…PYL293_Stewards

Promotions, Evaluations, Personnel File, Vacation Scheduling, Leaves, Hours of Employment, Layoffs, Grievances and most importantly

“Unit member rights”.

So join us for a fun filled seminar while you learn what rights you have!

WHEN: Feb. 1st, 2017

WHERE: PDA (Educational Service Center)  4999 Casa Loma Ave

TIME:    6:15pm  to 8:30pm  (dinner included if you RSVP)

Please RSVP to Chris Lawyer

(714)615-0896  or your Site Rep. by Jan. 30th

One of my own: The Voice Of Canyon

randy-bradleyRecently a child at Woodsboro lost their father. This child is currently enrolled at Woodsboro’s Child Care Program. I was once that child’s after school Child Care Teacher. It is with heavy heart that I post that family’s “gofundme” account. Please, if you choose to share this information with children that attend Woodsboro, respect the grieving process of a child that has lost their father.

INFO from

Here is the info and link:

We’ve started this GoFundMe account to help with funeral expenses for Randy Bradley, known by many as “The Voice of Canyon.” Randy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, January 14th. He is remembered by many for his quirky sense of humor and unique style, as well as his booming voice during sporting events, especially Canyon High football games. His numerous friends will miss his “joke of the day,” as well as his willingness to help others in any way he possibly could. Randy was passionate about motorsports and loved riding his motorcycle. Randy is survived by his wife, Lisa, and their five children, Shawn, Danielle, Daryl, Moe, and Brody.




Your CSEA team would like to update you on our 2016/2017 contract negotiations.

Due to the current financial uncertainty of the Districts budget, your CSEA negotiations team and the District have agreed to wait until after the governor’s budget revise announcement in May to discuss wages for 2016/2017.

We are scheduled to meet with the district again, in May. We will keep you informed of our progress after our next session.

Thank you for your support,

Your CSEA team: Job Suarez, Chris Lawyer, Daisy Bennett, Cheryl Townsend, Allyson Holt

Seeking a California teacher credential?

Excerpts from PYLUSD correspondence:

Classified Employee Grant

Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 9:58 AM
Subject: Classified Employee Grant-Seeking a California teacher credential?
To: All-Staff-New

Good morning

We were informed early this week that the Orange County Department of Education is pleased to announce that we are one of the twenty-four (24) recipients of funding for the Classified Employee Grant.  This grant provides support to classified employees seeking to secure a California teaching credential.  There are only 25 spots for Orange County.

Minimum requirements are:

1.  Current classified employee

2.  Have completed some level of higher education coursework

If you meet the minimum requirements and are interested, please send an email to Kevin Lee, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services,, by Monday, January 23, 2017.

Thank you,

Placentia-Yorba Linda USD

Office Information
Phone: (714) 985-8410
Fax: (714) 524-3034
Office Hours: 7AM – 5PM

Governor Brown Releases His 2017-18 Budget Proposal

Friday, January 13, 2017

Caution: This report is based on a preliminary analysis of the budget. Some proposals may change as additional details become available. We will provide you with additional reports on any new and significant findings.

State Budget Overview

The Governor released his 2017-18 Budget this week and indicated that after years of revenue growth, it appears that the rate of growth is beginning to slow down.

As a result, the budget proposes to roll back some planned spending increases but protects the administration’s highest priorities including more money for education, an earned income tax credit for working families, the rising minimum wage, the extension of health care to millions, and paying down of our long-term liabilities.

While the Governor warned of slowing revenues last year, the impact to education funding could have been much worse were it not for CSEA members and staff working diligently to ensure that Proposition 55 was passed by the voters in November. With the passage of Proposition 55, the state is able to maintain critical revenues to mitigate the impact of future economic downturns and protect programs affecting students, seniors and working families.

Education Budget Highlights

With respect to education funding, the Proposition 98 guarantee which funds K-14 education, will rise to $73.5 billion for 2017-18. That represents a $2.1 billion increase over the adjusted current year budget. It also includes an additional $744 million for the Local Control Funding Formula for K-12, and over $79 million and $2 million in additional funding for Community Colleges and County Offices of Education, respectively.

K-12 Education

  • School District Local Control Funding Formula – Proposes an additional $744 million in ongoing spending for the Local Control Funding Formula. Along with funding from previous years, this represents 96 percent of the support to meet the statewide funding levels for the Local Control Funding Formula.
  • County Office of Education Local Control Funding Formula – Proposes $2.4 million to support growth and COLA changes for County Offices of Education.

A cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of 1.48 percent for school districts, County Offices of Education (COEs) and charter schools are provided within the increases for the Local Control Funding Formula. Caution: The amount of discretionary increases in a district budget can be different from this COLA.

  • Proposition 39 – Provides $422.9 million to K-12 schools for energy efficiency project grants.
  • One-Time Discretionary Funding – Provides $287 million in one-time discretionary funds for school districts, COEs and charter schools. The budget suggests, but does not require, that the funding be used to further the implementation of Common Core standards, professional development and deferred maintenance.
  • COLA for Categorical Programs – Provides an increase of $58 million to support a 1.48 percent COLA for categorical programs outside of the LCFF. Those programs include: Special Education, Child Nutrition, Foster Youth, Preschool, American Indian Education Centers, and the American Indian Early Childhood Education Program.
  • Career Technical Education Incentive Grants – Proposes $200 million for the final installment of funding for a three-year program on career technical education.

Community Colleges

  • COLA – Provides $94.1 million for a 1.48% COLA to apportionments and $5.4 million for a 1.48% COLA for specific categorical programs including: Apprenticeship, EOPS, DSPS, and CalWORKs.
  • Student Access – Provides $79.3 million for a 1.34% growth in access. These funds will be allocated through the recently revised growth formula.
  • Educational Services – Provides $150 million in one-time funding for guided pathways. The intent of the funds will be to support community colleges in leveraging the work the system has done over the past few years as they develop cohesive, integrated pathways to help more students achieve their educational objectives.
  • Proposition 39 – Provides $52.3 million to Community Colleges for energy efficiency project grants.
  • Increased Operating Expenses – Provides $23.6 million to support increased operating expenses in areas such as employee benefits, facilities, professional development and other general expenses.

What’s Next:

Now that the Governor has introduced his budget, the Legislature will begin their review and analysis of those proposals over the next several months to craft a legislative budget. In May, the Governor will issue a revision to these proposals with a better estimate of state revenues.

The Legislature has until June 15th to present their budget to the Governor. Under the requirements of Proposition 25, the Governor must sign the budget by June 30th.

CSEA will continue reviewing the details of the budget to analyze the impact on schools and community colleges.

If you wish to comment or would like additional information, please contact the CSEA Governmental Relations Office at (916) 444-0598. Letters can be sent to 1127 11th Street, Suite. 346, Sacramento, CA 95814.