PAC News Flash 05-01-17: Opposition to the American Health Care Act – Trumpcare

Monday, May 01, 2017

This morning, President Trump is saying he has the votes to pass his revised healthcare bill this week, but we can still stop this disaster from happening.

 We need to flood our representatives in Congress with phone calls – today!

This revised bill (the American Health Care Act) is worse than the last one! It’s still Trumpcare: It still leaves 24 million Americans uninsured, still cuts Medi-Cal, still cuts more than $800 billion from our healthcare system, and it’s still a tax giveaway for the drug companies, insurance executives and the rich.

But now, the new MacArthur amendment makes a bad bill even worse. It breaks the promise to protect people with pre-existing conditions by “allowing” states to opt out of this mandate. It also permits states to opt out of requiring health plans to cover 10 essential health benefits, including doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, maternity care and mental health.

In other words, insurers could cut key benefits and charge people thousands of dollars more based on their medical conditions.

But can’t California just opt-out of the waiver? No – California would still face massive cuts to Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidies and federal healthcare funding and millions of people would lose coverage as a result.

Follow the money! Without billions in federal funding, it’s hard to maintain minimum standards.  Insurers could threaten to withdraw from states that don’t use these waivers to undo patient protections. Before the ACA, CSEA and consumer advocates tried to pass essential benefits legislation and other protections against “junk” insurance, but faced massive resistance from the insurance industry.

If we’re going to stop this attack on our healthcare, we have to do it now! Congress could vote any day this week.

It’s up to California! We have SEVEN Members of Congress that have yet to take a position: Reps. Cook, Valadao, Knight, Issa, Royce, Rohrabacher, and LaMalfa. Rep. Walters voted for the earlier version in committee, but is still a target. And Rep. Denham said last week he is opposed, but we should still call him.

We need to tell these members “Don’t take away our health care!” and to be clear that the California impacts of Trumpcare would be $24 billion cuts to Medi-Cal, over four million Californians losing coverage, and increases in premiums and deductibles for many more.


CALLS: Call your Member of Congress yourself. We need to flood the phones! You can find your representative’s phone number here:, click “Find Your Representative,” then enter your zip code.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Please use e-mail and social media to urge your family and friends to make phone calls to their Members of Congess. The Trumpcare Toolkit makes it easy to call or post on Twitter and Facebook:

TELL THEM: “Don’t take away our health care! The American Health Care Act would cut $24 billion from Medi-Cal, result in more than four million Californians losing coverage, and increase premiums and deductibles for many more.”

This is a make-or-break moment: If we can defeat this version of the bill, then it is likely to be a lasting victory.

Let’s see how many of our Congress Members we can get to publicly oppose!


If you wish to comment or would like additional information, please contact the CSEA Governmental Relations Office at (916) 444-0598. Letters can be sent to 1127 11th Street, Suite. 346, Sacramento, CA 95814.