Negotiation update 4/20/2020

Hello All,

CSEA Placentia-Yorba Linda Chapter 293 would like to take some time to update you on the negotiations that are taking place. 

COVID-19 Impacts and Effects Negotiations

While all employees will remain in paid status through the school closure period and nothing has changed on that piece, CSEA has been negotiating with the District on the impacts and effects of COVID-19 and the subsequent school closures for over a month now. These negotiations have been taking place so that the parties can memorialize agreements on things like pay during school closures, COVID-19 related leaves request, evaluations during the school closure period, safety measures and equipment for employees that are reporting to work during the closure period, etc.

There has been significant progress made and agreements reached on most of CSEA’s issues as they relate to the COVID-19 impact and effects negotiations. The last outstanding issue that we are in a fight with Management over is some form of supplemental pay (hazard pay) for those employees that are still reporting to work and in many instances, still interacting with staff, students, parents, and the public. These employees are being directed by Management to perform tasks that by their nature, potentially expose them to COVID-19. Because these employees cannot refuse to do the work they are being directed to do, CSEA has asked the District to compensate these employees for the dangerous conditions Management is putting them in.

In saddens me to tell you that our District doesn’t care about the danger that these employees are facing every day. Management has denied all of CSEA’s proposal for supplemental pay for this group. What makes this even more upsetting is how dismissive Management has been about the essential work classified employees are doing. Management has actually stated at the negotiating table that the teachers group and management group were doing the same work our unit members were doing. This statement made it clear that Management doesn’t care about the fact that they are putting classified employees, many of which make low wages and have no District provided health benefits, in harm’s way. They see it as business as usual.

This is something CSEA is not going to accept. We will keep fighting to ensure our most vulnerable employees are taken care of by this District! But we may need your help in this fight. CSEA will potentially be launching an organizing campaign in which we will be asking our unit members to email School Board Members about the way management is treating those employees that are out there working on the front line. If you would like to help us and your co-workers, please go to our webpage following the link below so that we can get your personal email address and provide you with more information on our organizing campaign. We will have another update for you on these negotiations by the end of the week.

2019-2020 Contract Negotiations

CSEA has been negotiating a new three (3) year contract for nearly a year now. We were extremely close to wrapping up negotiations when the school closures happened. We are happy to report that we are heading back to the negotiation table on May 7th and May 11th with hopes of reaching an overall contract agreement very soon. More information will follow our early May negotiation sessions.

Thank you!