Return To Work Update 8-7-2020

Hello CSEA Placentia-Yorba Linda Chapter 293 Members,

I hope you’re having a great summer! I am sending you this communication as CSEA is preparing to head to the bargaining table next week to commence the negotiations of the 2020/21 Return to Work/Reopening of Schools MOU. Many members are concerned as to what they can expect as they are called back to begin their work calendar. The intent of this communication is to provide clarity with the information we are aware of at this point.

Over the past couple of months, different learning plans have been discussed as they pertain to the safe reopening of schools. However, many of these plans were put on hold when the Governor issued an executive order. This order outlined the criteria for the reopening of schools which prohibits school districts who are in counties that are on the State’s COVID-19 “monitoring list” from opening. Orange County is currently on the aforementioned list and as such, PYLUSD will not be able to provide classroom instruction to students. As a result, the students of PYLUSD will be distant learning until further notice. PYLUSD is committed to providing a robust distant learning model come September 1st in order to ensure quality instruction and services are being provided to our students, parents, and the community. This is where classified employees become vital in the success of the student distant learning model.

As support staff, this means that there will be a sufficient amount of work for us to do. This also means classified staff will be returning to work per your work calendar start date. For classifications that receive notification of assignment, that assignment will be provided as in the past.

While there may be remote work options and modified work schedules available, it’s almost certain these options may not be made as readily available as they were this past spring. As such, those employees with medical restrictions and/or childcare/dependent care issues should contact Human Resources to discuss your leave options. Please see the attachment which is an overview of the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) which provides all employees additional Federal leaves you may use for COVID-19 related reasons. If you need to utilize a leave, CSEA advises that you use FFCRA leaves prior to your own accrued time to prolong the leave time you have available.

As we head to the bargaining table Tuesday, August 11, we are mindful that spring negotiations for School Closures of Impact/Effects MOU had different priorities than what we will be discussing at these new negotiations. As such, our main priorities going into bargaining are job security, safety for everyone, and employee utilization. We have no governmental order mandating that all classified staff stay employed through a school closure like we did in the spring. Getting a written commitment from the District to keep all of our classified workers employed through the fiscal year would be a major victory. This is also something that CSEA feels is extremely necessary given the fact we were presented a furlough days’ proposal from the District just weeks ago. As you are aware, we declined such an offer.

It is understood that in order to get PYLUSD to see the value in keeping our classified staff employed, there must be flexibility and willingness from classified employees as it pertains to allowing PYLUSD to utilize our staff in their normal job capacity and/or in unconventional ways. The bargaining team will have more information as it begins negotiations about the potential repurposing of job duties and the impacts on classified employees. 

As you begin to receive communication about your work assignment from the district, please keep all this in mind:

You should follow the direction of your supervisor and communicate with CSEA should you feel you are being directed to do something out of the norm. Because we don’t have an agreement on the 2020/21 Return to Work/Reopening of Schools MOU as of yet, all employees can be directed to report to work so long as you are on your regular work calendar and working your set work hours. Upon arriving to work, there should be a sufficient amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) available for you (mask, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.).  If you have an issue securing PPE, please let your immediate supervisor know and contact CSEA if the matter is not resolved. 

Our intent is to update our classified employees immediately following each of our bargaining sessions, which will take place over the course of the next couple of weeks. Please ensure you follow all PYLUSD provided safety guidance and don’t hesitate to reach out. Should you have any questions, please contact me (Job Suarez, 714-681-3095 or, your First Vice President (Chris Lawyer, 714-615-0896 or, or our Labor Rep (Anthony Solis, 714-532-7126 or Thank you!

In Unity,                                                        

Job Suarez

CSEA Placentia-Yorba Linda Chapter 293 President