Return to Work negotiations update

Yesterday, CSEA and PYLUSD met to continue bargaining the 2020-2021 “Return to work/reopening of schools” impacts and effects. The parties have made significant progress in negotiating over safety for our members. The two main outstanding issues the parties continue to pass proposals on are leaves and job security.

Regarding leaves, CSEA is fighting to secure leaves for our unit members for COVID-19 workplace exposures. The language proposed by CSEA would prevent a member from having to use their own leave time should they be exposed to or contract COVID-19 at work. This is critical as workers comp protections associated with COVID-19 have expired, which would make it nearly impossible for a member to utilize PYLUSD-provided leaves for workplace illness if it is not negotiated into our agreement.  

As it pertains to job security, CSEA is proposing that PYLUSD commit to not laying off any more of our members this year. This is absolutely necessary as many school districts are arguing that distance learning has resulted in both a lack of work and lack of funds for classified positions. As we see neighboring districts layoff classified employees in large numbers, we absolutely want to secure language that would prevent our members from finding themselves in these unfortunate circumstances. Right now, PYLUSD is extremely resistant to provide our members with any job security reassurances this year (law provides layoff protections in 2020/2021 to Bus Drivers, Nutrition Services staff, and Custodians only) and this is not acceptable. PYLUSD isn’t offering any salary increases in contract negotiations and they aren’t offering hazard pay to anyone currently. We feel the least PYLUSD can do is give its essential employees assurances that they will have a job throughout the school year. We will continue to fight for job security and will not let up on this! We meet with PYLUSD again on Friday and will have another update for you then.

CSEA has been receiving many inquiries from our membership about management asking them to change their work shifts (flex). Please be advised that the decision as to whether or not you change your work shift is yours alone. While many of the PYLUSD’s operations are being impacted and staff work shift changes may be a necessity, you cannot be forced to change your work shift. The decision to change your work shift is a negotiable item and CSEA has not negotiated away your right to refuse to change your work shift. If you do decide to change your work shift upon request from management, please make sure that the number of hours you are working in your new temporary shift are the same total number of hours as your regular permanent work shift.  Be sure to fill out a “Classified Employee Flextime Request” form to document that this is a temporary change for this school year only.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In unity,

Job Suarez