Negotiations Update

Hello Everyone,

CSEA met with PYLUSD to resume negotiations for our 2019-2020 successor contract. The only items outstanding in these negotiations is a salary increase.

CSEA was the only party to pass a salary increase proposal at today’s meeting. While PYLUSD didn’t counter CSEA, the fact that they didn’t flat out dismiss CSEA’s salary increase proposal leaves our negotiations team optimistic that we may end up getting PYLUSD to actually consider providing a salary increase to our unit members.

We meet again Thursday December 3rd.We would like to ask that all CSEA members wear blue on December 3rd to show solidarity amongst each other and to show support for your CSEA negotiating team as they make one more final push to bring a salary increase back to all PYLUSD classified employees. We’ll have another update for you following the December 3rd negotiation session. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

Job Suarez

CSEA 293 President