Negotiations update 12-03-2020

Hello CSEA Members,

Our negotiations team met with PYLUSD yesterday for the 23rd session to bargain for our 2019-2020 contract.  We still have Article 18 Wages on the table.

PYLUSD proposed no wage increase for 2019-2020 for classified employees at today’s bargaining session, much to CSEA’s frustration. CSEA countered this District proposal by proposing to spread our most recent wage increase proposal for 2019-2020 over the course of two (2) years so that the financial impact of retroactive pay would be lessened for PYLUSD. While PYLUSD did not yet counter this proposal, the District team did state that they would have a hard time offering any on-salary schedule wage increase at this time even though a very healthy reserve balance is still in PYLUSD accounts. 

The District team did state that they had some alternative wage offers they’d like to make CSEA; however, no proposal was provided or conversations had in regards to an alternative wage offer from PYLUSD as the bargaining session was cut short due to the Governor’s press conference over potential new stay-at-home orders and subsequent PYLUSD management meetings.

The parties are currently trying to schedule another negotiations date. We appreciate all of you that wore blue to show support for our team. CSEA will most likely be calling on your support in the near future to communicate to our new school board that classified employees have been on the front lines providing service to our students and community since the beginning of this pandemic with little support, respect, or appreciation from PYLUSD management. Your bargaining team stands united on your behalf for a fair wage increase for all classified employees. We know you work hard everyday for the students here at PYLUSD and you deserve a raise after 2 years.

We will keep you up to date as we have more information for you.

In solidarity,

Your CSEA Negotiations Team

Job Suarez, Chris Lawyer, Cheryl Townsend, Carlos Chiang, Sue Puch, and LRR Anthony Solis