Bargaining Update

Hello all unit members,

Your CSEA negotiations team met with the District on Monday for our first session to discuss the 2021/2022 contract reopeners.
For this school year, CSEA and the District may each choose 3 Articles of the contract to reopen (in addition to Wages, and Health and Welfare).  Based on the surveys our members filled out, CSEA chose to open Training, Vacation, and Holidays.  The District opened Association Rights, General Personnel Provisions, and Hours of Employment.
At this first session, CSEA presented the District with 2 new proposals, and the District presented CSEA with 1 new proposal.  We were able to come to an agreement on two small items so far.

Our next session is scheduled for January 7, 2022.  We will update you again after this next meeting.
Happy Holidays,

Your CSEA team: 

Job Suarez, Chris Lawyer, Sue Puch, Cheryl Townsend, Carlos Chiang, and Lourdes Cruz, CSEA LRR