Active Members And CSEA Staff

The list below is intended for you to have a better idea of our current representatives and volunteers. Included is information on what everyone does for our Union and how to get in contact with each of us.

CSEA Orange Field Office Representatives

 CSEA_LOGOsm Ariana Gomez
Labor Relations Representative
Office: 714-532-7127
 CSEA_LOGOsm Role(s):
CSEA Orange Field Office
Office: 714- 532-3766

Union Member Executive Board

jobpic Job Suarez
(Maintenance & Operations)
Contract Negotiator,

M&O Dept. Union Representative
Training: Job Steward Level 1,
  Chris Lawyer
(Golden Elementary Librarian)
1st Vice President
Training: Job Steward Level II , Organizing Institute 2009, Member Unity Program 2010

Daisy Bennett (Kraemer Middle School)
2nd Vice President, Site Rep
Training: UST , Officer Skills, Leadership Academy


Cathy Martinez
Secretary, Site Rep

Cheryl Townsend (Fiscal Services)
Treasurer, Contract Negotiator
Training:  Officer Skills
 epadilla293 Eliana Padilla
Chapter Communications Officer
CalGen Taskforce Rep Area H Region 22
Training: Union Job Steward I, II 2015

Job Suarez

Chief Job Steward
 eearll293cx  Evelyn Earll
Site Rep. Coordinator
nopic Robert P. Moreno (Child Care Teacher I)
Training: Organizing Institute, Job Steward Level II Training,
M & O Academy’s OSHA 10, Leadership Academy,
Carlos Chiang
Sergeant at Arms
Actions: Conference Delegate

Active Union Members and Site Representatives

 ally Ally Holt (Transportation)
Role(s):Past President, Contract Negotiator
Training: Regional Polit. Action Coordinator, Area H Region22
Marilyn De La Torre (Transportation)
Role(s): Transportation Union Rep.,
Training: Member Unity Program 2008

School Site Contacts
Use the list below to find your school site volunteers. At each site members listed as “Site Contact” distribute updates and information to members at your site, while “Site Representatives” help us by collecting and informing the e-board on important issues at your site. If any of the information below is out of date or you would like to volunteer for one of these spots please email us at



Brookhaven Elementary Site Representative: Yvette Reta,
Kathy Simpson
Site Contact:
Bryant Ranch Elementary Site Representative:
Site Contact: Judith Gyssler
Fairmont Elementary Site Representative:
Site Contact:
George Key Elementary Site Representative: Jean Speakman
Site Contact:
Glenknoll Elementary Site Representative:
Site Contact: Marcia True
Glenview Elementary Site Representative: Wendy Canfield
Site Contact:
Golden Elementary Site Representative: Christy Lawyer  
Site Contact: Linda Reyes;Ester Hernandez  
Lakeview Elementary Site Representative: Raul Lopez
Site Contact:
Linda Vista Elementary Site Representative:
Site Contact: Carole King
Mabel Paine Elementary Site Representative: Bianca Pasillas
Site Contact: Laurene Grigory
Melrose Elementary Site Representative: Lorena Paez
Site Contact: Charlotte Buss
Morse Elementary Site Representative: Donny Costello
Site Contact:
Rio Vista Elementary Site Representative: Carlos Chiang
Site Contact:
Rose Drive Elementary Site Representative: Salvador Tapia,
Suzanne Kammer
Site Contact:
Ruby Drive Elementary Site Representative: Yolanda Wheat
Site Contact:
Sierra Vista Elementary Site Representative: Victor Gonzalez
Site Contact: Mimi Schall
Topaz Elementary Site Representative: Patty Trejo
Site Contact: Erin Paunovich
Travis Ranch Elementary Site Representative: 
Site Contact:
Tynes Elementary Site Representative: Tammy Buss
Site Contact:
Van Buren Elementary Site Representative: Jorge Fierro
Site Contact:
Wagner Elementary Site Representative: Janet Vash
Site Contact:
Woodsboro Elementary Site Representative: Robert Moreno
Site Contact:



Bernardo Yorba Middle School Site Representative: Doreen McCann
Site Contact:
Kraemer Middle School Site Representative:
Site Contact:
Travis Ranch Middle School Site Representative: 
Site Contact:
Tuffree Middle School Site Representative: Sandra Colianni
Site Contact:
Valadez Middle School Site Representative: Alvaro Banuelos
Site Contact:
Yorba Linda Middle School Site Representative: Eliana Padilla
Site Contact:



El Camino Real High School Site Representative:
Site Contact:
El Dorado High School Site Representative: Arlene Chapin- Turnham
Site Contact: Danny Ortega
Esperanza High School Site Representative: Lynn Greer
Site Contact: Joe Rivera
La Entrada Site Representative:
Site Contact:
Valencia High School Site Representative: Daisy Bennett
Site Contact:
Yorba Linda High School Site Representative: Fred Fonseca
Site Contact: Kino Oaxaca



Parkview ( K-12 )
Home School
Site Representative:
Site Contact:
Adult Education Site Representative:
Site Contact:
Child Care Site Representative:
Site Contact:



 Fiscal Services Site Representative: Cheryl Townsend
Site Contact:
Casa Loma: Food Services Site Representative: Mayola Taylor
Site Contact:
Maintenance Site Representative: Job Suarez
Site Contact:
Technology Site Representative:
Site Contact:
Transportation Site Representative: Marilyn De La Torre
Site Contact:
 DO  Ed. Services Site Representative:
Site Contact:
Site Representative:
Site Contact:
Site Representative:
Site Contact:
Site Representative:
Site Contact:

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