Your CSEA team would like to update you on our 2016/2017 contract negotiations.

Due to the current financial uncertainty of the Districts budget, your CSEA negotiations team and the District have agreed to wait until after the governor’s budget revise announcement in May to discuss wages for 2016/2017.

We are scheduled to meet with the district again, in May. We will keep you informed of our progress after our next session.

Thank you for your support,

Your CSEA team: Job Suarez, Chris Lawyer, Daisy Bennett, Cheryl Townsend, Allyson Holt

Chapter Meeting Bonus: Focus On Uninsured And Insured On Mon-Dec 9th

December 9th at 5:15pm – 5:45pm join CSEA Chapter #293 to listen to Wade Olson speak about upcoming health insurance laws.

Obama Care starts Jan 1, 2014

Are you ready?

 Have questions like:

Who needs health insurance?

Do I need health insurance?

How can I afford health insurance?

Why is my health insurance changing?

How do these new laws affect insured and benefited?

Wade Olson Chairman and CEO of Precept Group can answer your questions on December 9th at 5:15pm-5:45pm located at ESC building 4999 Casa Loma Ave, Yorba Linda CA 92886


e-mail any questions ahead of time to wolson@preceptgroup.com or visit http://www.preceptgroup.com w. (949) 955-1430 f. (949) 955-9471

This event is open to all classified staff insured or uninsured as well as family members.  Regular CSEA Chapter Meeting will start at 5:45pm

“Precept is a customer-focused organization. Wade-Olson[1]By listening to our clients, we have built an infrastructure that provides a unique suite of embedded services. We are here to understand, meet and overcome the human capital business challenges that your company faces.”

Wade Olson, CEO, Precept

Wade is the CEO and Founder of Precept. He brings over 25 years of experience to his role, which includes the development and strategic direction of the company’s goals and objectives. In November 2011, Precept merged with BB&T Insurance Services, the nation’s sixth largest insurance broker, allowing for strategic growth with an emphasis on world-class customer service to Precept’s target market.

Proposed “Budget for 2012/2013” has not yet been adopted by the California Legislature

Attention Classified Employees
Members of CSEA #293

By now, many of you may have received Dr. Smith’s Budget Update regarding the state of District finances for 2012/2013. As many of you may be aware, a final budget for 2012/2013 has not yet been adopted by the California legislature, therefore any projections about what will be in the budget for2012/2013 and what impact the State Budget will have on PYLUSD finances for 2012/2013,  are just that – projections based on speculation rather than reality.

On March 13th, PYLUSD presented its initial proposal for classified negotiations for the 2012/2013 year based off of the current budget projections. Your bargaining team is preparing for negotiations and will be surveying Active Members for their input before presenting an initial proposal. Prior to receiving a survey, any member who has ideas on how PYLUSD could save money or spend resources more efficiently is encouraged to contact your chapter through this chapter website of www.pylcsea.com.

The governor has submitted his proposed Budget for 2012-13. Gov. Brown also had a message attached to this proposed budget. Here are brief selections from that message to “the Senate and the Assembly of the California Legislature:”

“I hereby submit to you my proposed Budget for 2012‑13.

 When I came into office, California was facing an immediate $26.6 billion budget gap and future budget deficits of $20 billion a year.”

“The 2011 budget did, however, lay the foundation for fiscal stability. It cut the annual budget shortfall by three‑quarters — from $20 billion to $5 billion or less. It shrunk state government, reduced our borrowing costs and gave local governments more authority to make decisions.

The budget that I am submitting today keeps the cuts made last year and adds new ones.”

“I am also asking that the voters guarantee ongoing funding for local public safety programs. This ballot measure will not solve all of our fiscal problems, but it will stop further cuts to education and public safety and halt the trend of double‑digit tuition increases.”

My budget plan also includes important reforms. It improves government efficiency and pays down debt. It reorganizes state government to make it more efficient and saves tax dollars by consolidating or eliminating functions. It restructures social service programs to better support working families. It gives substantially more flexibility and decision‑making to local school districts. The plan also calls for bold investments in our future: to assure a reliable water supply, build high speed rail and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As California’s economy continues to slowly recover — and recover it will — our plan will provide fiscal stability and make California government more transparent and responsive to the people.

I look forward to working with you in the coming year.”

Edmund G. Brown Jr.


Throughout these negotiations, your chapter will conduct its own independent evaluation of PYLUSD’s finances and will communicate with Active Members VIA http://www.pylcsea.com regarding the process of negotiations.

President Holt and PYL293 Congratulate VHS on Victory

From  ocregister.com:

Valencia High wins O.C. Academic Decathlon

COSTA MESA – Valencia High School has won the 2012 Orange County Academic Decathlon, the school’s second title in the past four years.

The team from Placentia edged out defending champion Westminster High for the crown, according to results announced Thursday night at Orange Coast College.

Valencia’s victory netted the school an automatic berth to the state championship next month in Sacramento. Westminster placed second in the Division I category, while Irvine’s Woodbridge High placed third.

“We had a good feeling, but we just didn’t know for sure until we heard our team called,” said Tessa Young, a senior on the team. “It’s so exciting. We are all so thrilled.”

Valencia will also receive $3,000 to assist with the cost of the trip to the state competition. Westminster and La Quinta High qualified for the finals as wild cards after receiving the second- and third-highest overall scores in the county. Each of those teams will receive $2,000 to help with their travel expenses.

La Quinta High in Westminster won the Division II title, and Sage Hill School in Newport Coast won the Division III crown.

Valencia has qualified for the state finals each of the past four years. The school also won the overall county crown in 2009.

“They just worked really hard, they deserve everything that comes to them,” said Fred Jenkins, the team’s coach.

click for PowerPointShow or here for PowerPoint file

Team members said they studied for 10 to 15 hours a week in the days leading up to the county competition.

The Orange County Academic Decathlon competition ran Jan. 28 to Saturday at high schools throughout the county. For students and parents, the most exciting part of the competition was Saturday’s Super Quiz, a fast-paced quiz show inside the gymnasium at Westminster High.

Most of the 550 “decathletes” had Continue reading “President Holt and PYL293 Congratulate VHS on Victory”

Interview Committee Training

Are you interested in becoming more involved with CSEA?  We are looking for chapter members who would like to be trained to serve as the CSEA representative on District panel interviews.

Over the past years we have made great strides to be a part of the Panel process and we need more individual to join our team.  Just last year, our District conducted over 72 interviews for open positions, which CSEA participated in.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 from 6-8pm at ESC
Dinner provided if you RSVP. to Chris Lawyer
ctdk@sbcglobal.net or 714 615-0896.

Here are just a few answers to questions you might have.

If I’m on the clock will I get paid for my regular shift, and who releases me? 

Yes you will get paid for your normal shift to participate on this committee if the interview is scheduled during your shift time.  The Personnel office will send a release notice to your supervisor. 

If I’m off the clock when the interviews are conducted, will I receive pay? 

No, unfortunately you would be on the “volunteering” clock, which doesn’t pay.  All of our volunteer hours make this chapter a great success!!

How will I know if the interview is being conducted properly and who do I report back to? 

Through this training you will be given an outline and guidelines on how the interviews are supposed to be conducted, and what your role will be as the CSEA Representative.  You will report back to the Association President (Allyson Holt) or a designated E-Board member.

What is my role on this committee?

To insure that our CSEA members are interviewed fairly and that the guidelines set up are followed properly.

How will I know the guidelines? 

Come to training.  Only those members who attend training will be granted the opportunity to participate on the panel.

Will there be additional trainings, if I can’t make it on August 31?

Yes, however it may not be until November or December. We will need to see how many folks can’t make this one.

Here is our contract language which allows CSEA to participate on these Panels:

13.1.4 – Interview Panel – Unit members who file for vacancies during the posting period shall be interviewed by a panel of District employees referred to as the Interview Panel.

The District shall involve the Chapter President and/or her/his designee to designate a mutually agree upon CSEA member in the interview process for all classified vacancies of a promotional nature or any vacancy for which a current unit member applies.  In addition, a representative and/or designee from the Personnel Office will also serve on the interview panel.

13.1.5 – Unit members who serve on the Interview Panel will receive a schedule of the unit members being interviewed, copies of candidates applications, current job posting, job description, interview questions and rating sheets.

Contributed by Chris Lawyer

Vote For Michael Bilbrey In The CalPERS Election Run-Off

California School Employees Association First Vice President Michael Bilbrey needs your vote to win a seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration.

Michael was the leading vote getter in the election but still requires a run-off to win this important election.  With just two candidates remaining, your vote is more important than ever. Please look for your ballot and remember to vote for Michael Bilbrey.

CalPERS run-off ballots will be mailed to your home June 30, 2011 and must be returned no later than July 28, 2011.

 It’s never been more important to elect CalPERS Board members who will fight to protect defined-benefit pensions, preserve and improve CalPERS healthcare programs, and increase CalPERS transparency. Michael Bilbrey is exactly who we need on the CalPERS Board.

From Michael to Members of CalPERS:

I have been a classified school employee working at Citrus College for 22 years. As a CSEA member leader for the past 18 years, I have helped to ensure that workers are treated fairly, listened to and respected. During these difficult times, I will work to ensure that all CalPERS members’ concerns are heard and addressed.

Today, more than ever, we need stability, evenhandedness and well-reasoned decision-making in order to ensure that pension funds are invested wisely, benefits are delivered promptly and CalPERS is best positioned to meet our challenges for decades to come.

If elected, I promise to:

  • Protect your defined benefit pensions
  • Preserve and improve health care
  • Increase openness, transparency and input from members of CalPERS
  • Be accessible and listen to members

Please vote for Michael Bilbrey
for the At Large Seat of the CalPERS Board of Administration