Negotiations Update

CSEA members,

We are pleased to announce we have a tentative agreement with the District on the 2021/2022 “Return to Work” MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). This agreement outlines the COVID guidelines that the District will follow this school year.
This agreement now needs to go to CSEA headquarters for approval. After that, the next step will be to have our membership vote on the agreement. We plan to open up the voting process with a live Q&A session at our November 8 chapter meeting, where you may ask questions prior to voting. 

Also, at our November 8 meeting, we will be voting on our 2021/2022 contract reopener proposal.  As you may recall, we sent out a survey a few months ago to all CSEA members asking for your input on which Articles in our contract you wanted us to work on.  Your input was important as we are only able to choose (3) Articles to reopen this year.  We have our initial proposal ready for your vote, and if it is approved by you, we will present it to the School Board on November 9.  After both CSEA and the District have “sunshined” their proposals, we can start having actual negotiation sessions.

Please watch for an additional email in the next few days with further information on these votes.

As always, thank you for your membership, and for your continued support of the negotiations team.
Job Suarez
CSEA 293 President