new Classification in the Technology Department


The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District


The CaliforniaSchool Employees Association and its Chapter 293

October 30, 2012



This Memorandum of Understanding represents the conclusion of the parties’ negotiations on the creation of a new classification in the classified bargaining unit to be identified as Technology Services Assistant in order for the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) to reduce the use of outside contractors.  The parties agree to the following:

  1. The parties agree to the creation of a new classified bargaining unit position to be known as the Technology Services Assistant (Range 30) with the attached job description (Attachment A).  These TSA (Range 30) positions shall be staffed as 8 hour, 12 month Range 30 positions. Such TSAs shall be in the classified bargaining unit of PYLUSD and shall be entitled to all the rights, benefits and protections contained in the parties’ Collective Bargaining Agreement and available to employees under relevant laws.
  2. The PYLUSD will create four (4) permanent TSAs (Range 30).
  3. The parties recognize that the creation of the TSAs shall not result in the layoff or reduction of hours of any existing Technology Services Technicians (Range 36) or other classification in the Technology Series. It is further understood that the preservation of the current number of TSTs (Range 36), as of the date of this agreement there are four (4), and the current number of hours assigned to the existing positions is of mutual interest to both parties.  Accordingly, any reductions to the level of technology services provided shall first be experienced by TSAs (Range 30).
  4. Under no circumstances shall the employer transfer the duties of the Technology Services Technician to the newly created Technology Services Assistant.
  5. It is understood that PYLUSD will employ TSAs to reduce its reliance on outside contractors to perform technology duties in the District and reduce the yearly expenditure by PYLUSD for these contracted services. To that end, PYLUSD will begin to reduce its contracted services with Microlink and any other contractor after the date of this agreement.
  6. The parties agree to meet within one (1) year from the date of signing to review the implementation of this MOU.
  7. Any difference arising from the interpretation, administration, or application of this proposed language may be addressed through the grievance procedure set forth in Article VIII of the Collective Bargaining Agreement or other remedial mechanism available by law, if applicable.

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