SB 810 is sponsored and supported by a broad coalition…

SB 810 is sponsored and supported by a broad coalition of patients, nurses, doctors, teachers and school employees, small businesses, faith community members, retirees, local governments and school districts. These groups represent more than 2 million Californians. The bill is co-sponsored by the California Nurses Association, Health Care for All California, California One Care, California School Employees Association, Physicians for a National Health Program-California, Single Payer Now, Campaign for a Healthy California, California Federation of Teachers, California Alliance of Retired Americans, Amnesty International, League of Women Voters, California Council of Churches, Progressive Democrats of America, California Consumer Federation, National Organization for Women-California, Vision y Compromiso, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, Dolores Huerta Foundation, California Health Professional Student Alliance and Courage Campaign.

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Medical students recognize the need for single payer healthcare. They know the future of a healthy population is on their shoulders. Every year medical students go to Sacramento to develop tools to lobby legislators for healthcare reform. Senate Bill 810 is the answer to the disastrous healthcare situation in California. Learn about SB 810 and what you can do to encourage legislators to pass this vital bill. Arnold Schwarzenegger had twice vetoed SB 810 even though legislators passed it. Visit Senator Mark Leno’s website to learn more about SB 810.

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