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Honorable [Assembly Member or Senator Name]
State Capitol, Room [Number]
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Support CSEA budget priorities

Dear [Assembly Member or Senator Name]:

As the [how you connect to schools ] of Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District I am writing to urge you to adopt a state budget that restores funding from prior years and protects key programs for classified school employees.

1) Restore prior year cuts:
During the past five years, funding for school districts and community colleges has been cut by over $20 billion. Under the current LCFF(Local Control Funding Formula), some districts may not be able to restore funding to previous levels because of how funds would be distributed. We agree with the Governor that children who live in poverty(A supplemental grant equal to 35 percent of the base grant is provided for each English learner) require more resources to learn. However, we urge the Governor and the Legislature to ensure that base funding is provided at a level that allows every school district to restore cuts before embarking on a new redistribution of funding.

2) Protect school transportation:
The Governor has proposed allowing funding for school transportation to be used for other purposes based on local decisions.

I am writing to urge you to protect funding for school transportation programs. This funding should not be made flexible for use in other purposes.

Continued underfunding of home-to school transportation programs has had a severe impact on our state’s neediest students, including those with disabilities. It also unfairly punishes low-income families and rural school districts with students who depend the most on school buses to get to class.

3) Include funding for professional development for classified staff:
The Governor has proposed funding professional development to train educators on the new Common Core Standards by $1 billion.

Funding must be provided specifically so that classified school employees receive the vital training they need to better serve students and parents. I request that the budget include language specifying that a portion of those funds be devoted to the professional development needs of classified school employees in school districts and community colleges.

4) Protect funding for deferred maintenance:
A lack of continued investment in facilities and maintenance could lead to unsafe conditions for students and staff. It could also jeopardize the investments that state and local governments have made in facilities during the last decade.

It is imperative that school facilities be properly maintained to prevent them from deteriorating. Inadequate funding for school facilities could also put the state at legal risk due to improper conditions at school facilities.

I urge you to support funding for school districts and colleges for deferred maintenance. This will ensure that facilities are adequately maintained and are safe for students and staff.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my budget concerns. I would appreciate hearing from you on the progress of the budget.


[Your name]
[Your address]
[Your phone number]

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