Information From Tuesday Dec. 13 th Board Meeting

****This Information is from Dr. Smith’s Board wrap up… I am relating this to keep you up to date with the latest information…****


The Fiscal Services Team led by Assistant Superintendent Doug Domene and joined by Fiscal Services Director Joan Velasco and Assistant Director Philippa Geiger presented an update on the many complicated issues surrounding the budget.

· State Mid-Year Cuts

Schools narrowly escaped even larger mid-year state cuts. On Tuesday afternoon, Governor Brown announced that California’s shortfall is $2.2 billion and will require mid-year cuts statewide, including cuts to education. While the PYLUSD will experience a $1 million cut in January, these cuts could have been much greater. The PYLUSD planned ahead by setting aside one-time money to absorb the possibility of these cuts. Good planning, Board of Education and Fiscal Services! As a result of the smaller than anticipated mid-year budget reduction, the PYLUSD will not have to implement the additional two furlough days that were tentatively placed on the calendar in the event there were more severe mid-year reductions.

· Orange County Tax Grab

California and the County of Orange are dueling over tax monies originally destined to Orange County school districts. In November, the County of Orange retained $49 million in tax revenues once destined for Orange County school districts. The reasoning was that the State would backfill this money to pay school districts. The State of California and the County of Orange are at odds over this perceived “tax grab”. This could result in a prolonged lawsuit. The most immediate impact to the PYLUSD would be our ability to meet our cash flow needs for next school year. As a result, the PYLUSD is obtaining a TRAN, a secured debt note to be used in the event that there is a delay of cash reimbursement from either the State or the County.

· Impact on the PYLUSD

PYLUSD will continue to face cuts for next school year. There are many pressures impacting the school district that will result in anticipated cuts next year between $8 million to $13 million, perhaps less depending on furlough days and the state budget cut amount when it is finalized. The Fiscal Services team gave a category-by-category overview of the pressures impacting the PYLUSD. They are:

· Loss of federal funds – Since 2007-08, $22 million in federal stimulus funds have helped the PYLUSD offset cuts. Next year, the school district will receive $0.

· Declining enrollment – Since 2007-08, enrollment has declined by 333 students. That is an ongoing loss of $1.7 million each year.

· Loss of revenue limit (State funding) – In 2007-08, the district received $5,822 per student. Today, the district receives $5,240 per student. The decrease is a cumulative four-year total of $50 million to the PYLUSD.

· Increase in health and welfare costs – In 2007-08, the per-employee health and welfare benefit was $10,651. Today, that per-employee benefit is $15,545. This is a $5.6 million increase in cost to the district.

· Loss of Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) –Cumulative cost of living has been funded at 4.53% while the cumulative increase in consumer prices is 10.5%

· Increase in Consumer Price Index (cost of goods and materials) – See above.

In January, the Governor will unveil his proposed State budget which then goes to the Legislature. Let the games begin! Click below to see the PowerPoint presented last night.


****Please continue to check with the website for new information as we get it. Please continue to share this with friends and family and call your Legislators.***
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Allyson Holt

Phone Numbers for those in the Placentia Area to call

For those in the Placentia Yorba Linda area Here are your Numbers to CAll Jerry Brown(916) 445-2841, Jerry Browns L.A. Office (213) 897-0322, Ed Royce (714) 744-4130, Robert Huff (916) 651-4029, Robert Huffs Walnut office (909) 598-3981..
Assemblyman Chris Norby..(916) 319-2072 and His Fullerton Office (714) 526-7272!
Call them tell them what you think about further cuts to Education and the risk to the safety of our children.

Take Action ! Home to School Transportation Funding Eliminated!

Department of Finance Pulls the Trigger – Eliminates Home to School Transportation Funding


December 13, 2011


Today, the Department of Finance released more optimistic revenue projections than those previously offered by the Legislative Analyst’s Office. Unfortunately, the projections were not good enough to prevent pulling some of the K-12 education triggers.  In addition to cuts to community colleges, social service and higher education, the Director of the Department of Finance triggered the complete elimination of the remaining home to school transportation funds ($248 million) as well as a cut of nearly $80 million to revenue limit funding. The higher revenue projections largely spared school districts from a possible $1.5 billion cut to revenue limits.


The cut to transportation has a disproportionate negative impact on low income families; it will force thousands of students to walk to school through dangerous areas and could result in the layoff of thousands of classified employees.  School transportation departments cannot absorb such a deep cut without devastating consequences, so CSEA is working hard to convince the governor and Legislature to find an alternative solution.


A fairer solution would be to roll the transportation cut into the revenue limit cut – which allows districts to better allocate the reduction in a way that protects local priorities. At a minimum, making the transportation cut proportional to the others in Tier 2 would go a long way to preserve transportation and other programs that would be impacted by the elimination of transportation funding.


We can still convince the governor and state lawmakers that this is a budget cut California can’t afford—but we need to act now. Call your legislators today and urge them to mitigate the cuts to transportation.


Let’s show that we are united in our effort to support our co-workers in transportation. Please pass the word on to others at your worksite, and join hundreds of thousands of CSEA members in making three phone calls to show that you are a part of our united effort to stop this catastrophic cut.


CSEA leaders and staff are coordinating our efforts to fight these cuts on multiple fronts. CSEA is working with the Department of Finance and Legislative leaders on possible alternatives, and we have the strong support of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. We are leading a coalition of statewide and local stakeholders, including transportation officials, superintendents, and others, to educate and activate our communities and legislators against these destructive cuts, including local lobbying visits and press events.


If you have not taken action yet, please help our efforts by making three critical phone calls. It should only take a few minutes of your time to call the governor, your state Assembly member and your state Senator to leave a message.


Find your representatives with CSEA Capitol Connection.


We can save the big, yellow school bus for generations to come—all it takes is three short phone calls from you.


Please call Governor Brown and your state legislators.

Tell them to save our school buses and stop cutting our schools.